Flint Knapping Tools

In order to start making arrow heads for your own arrows, or even your own prehistoric kind of knife or even just the blade, you need some basic tools. Yes, you can go and find flint outside somewhere and hit it with a rock and see what happens(not recommended, if you do this watch your thumbs) but some more modernized tools will benefit the start of your new hobby.

With this kit you will receive; “One 5″ x 5″ Leather Hand Pad, Two Twist Hardened Copper Rod Replacement Inserts for Ishi sticks or pressure flakes, Two 10 gauge Copper Nails with heads removed, Two 2″ Horseshoe Nails for notchers, One River Rock Hammerstone/Abrader, One 3″ Abrader/Grinder, One Antler Tine”

A lot of items for just breaking rocks right? Well I know this sounds silly but rocks are…hard..and it’s not just random rocks we are talking about. Flint (and the kind you decide to buy, or what you find) all have different breaking patterns and strengths. Feel free to find a random conferable rock or a sturdy thin stick and give it a shot if you wish. If you want your jouney into flint knapping to start smoothly I would suggest buying a simple kit such as This.

If you decide to try it out, let me know! Leave a comment for me and tell me what you made!


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