A Visual Guide to Lockpicking

This is a book I have personally bought and know a little bit about. Learning this hobby or skill from just online isn’t easy, it is so much better to have something right in front of you to refer to no matter where you are.


Do I need it?

Well, you really don’t need anything but the basics to get started. this book will explain more than my simple little tutorial. It shows you in great detail the parts of all kinds of locks, not just one with simple pins in them It covers wafer locks and dimple locks as well.

It covers all the different techniques from single pin picking to raking.  it has pictures for every kind of lock and details for what you are looking at. I can not express how much information you have to gain with this book.

Where to get it

Right Here!!

If you are kinda iffy on the whole idea don’t be scared to go to my page about lockpicking. If this book helps you pick a lock let me know in the comments! id love to see if I am able to help anyone learn a hobby.

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