Whittling is basic (kind of) wood carving

What do I mean by this? Well, it could be as simple as taking a random stick, carving some wood off and making a walking stick, wand, arrows, or simple playthings for kids. If you decide to pursue this hobby there are some amazing works of art you can learn to craft, from simple animals to even making chains out of a piece of wood!

I would suggest grabbing a piece of soft wood, to begin with (pine, balsa, basswood) mainly because they are..well soft so easier to cut. There is nothing wrong with starting out with a hard wood or even just a stick you find laying around. Just make sure it has straight grains for you to follow as well as no knots. Knots are a big no-no, as they will make your knife bounce and just be a real pain in the (b)ass(wood).

Now you need some sort of a knife..you could use a simple pocket knife as long as you can hold it securely and as long as it is sharp. Seriously, make sure your knife is sharp. You are cutting wood here not paper, you need to be able to make clean cuts. You may also want to think about using a glove for the hand holding the wood, why you ask? Well, you know the old saying “Never cut towards yourself!” yeah..that doesn’t always apply here. Sometimes you need to to have the right grip and angle with your project. Just be extremely careful and don’t go wild, take it slow.

remember to go with the grain of the wood, going against the grain will cause the wood to split or break and just won’t look good, whereas going with the grain will almost be like it just peels right off.

I hope to be adding the basic tools you will need to get started, as well as ideas and guides.

If you have made anything or have any idea of what I should cover feel free to leave a comment!

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