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    Wanted to see if anyone had encountered this. I have been battling toe numbness after longer hunts – mainly in my big toes on both feet. After a 10-12 day hunt, it can take 2 months or so for the tingling to go completely away.
    I’d initially chalked it up to toe bang and boots that were too small, but I’ve upsized my boots, and I’ve also occasionally gotten a little tingling while running on flat ground in my very roomy running shoes, so I’m not as convinced anymore that it’s boots that are too small or banging into the front of the boot, and am wondering if it’s something else with my arch and maybe the type of insoles or something like that?
    If it matters – I’m fairly flat footed, with a mostly neutral gait, but tend to wear the outsides of my running shoes a little faster.
    I think seeing a podiatrist and getting custom orthotics might be wise – but anyone out there ever experienced this before I start lining up doctor visits and shelling out $$$ for custom insoles and orthotics?

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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