Gem Stone Collecting/Crystal Collecting/Rock Tumbling, Get Started Now!!

I think we are  past due for a post about collectibles, I mean collecting things is almost just human nature.

We keep things we like and get rid of things we don’t like, simple as that right?

Whats so special about “gems” or “crystals”?

Well that depends on the person really. Some people find special gems or crystals help them spiritually and others just think they are pretty.

So You Want Me To Try Collect Rocks?

Yes, yes I do! It may seem kind of weird at first to just have few rocks laying around and to do nothing but look at them, but you can have 30 rocks of the same kind and they will all be different, no gem is the same as another (unless its mass produced, then it has been cut like others, so I guess no rough gem is the same)

Why Are Some Shiny and Others Are Not?

Well that’s because the shiny ones have been put through a tumbler, this kind of rolls the stone around and polishes it.

Before you ask, yes this is something you can do yourself at home. Do you have to? Not at all.

If you like the look of the rough stones then keep them like that!!

OK Lets Say I’ll Give It A Shot, What Do I Need?

Well you could try and find some on your own, or just grab some right here, or here for the one in the pics!

you may also want a tumbler for those rough stones.

As always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below!!


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