Getting A Drone

This is a recent hobby I have come into. It’s unfortunate that I can’t spend the time needed to get better with drones, though maybe with the warmer weather ill be able to make some progress.

What is it?

Do I really need to explain this one to you? Okay for those of you not in the know a drone is flying machine. remote controlled flying machine. Used for just messing around or even to capture stunning videos. They use them in movies for those above and flying away shots and all that good stuff.

though they are just fun to play around with I’ve seen things about people racing them and even making them battle. Like a mid-air robot battle.

Is this really a hobby?

YESS!!! anything that you can sink time into and have fun doing can be a hobby.

There are all kinds of all price ranges. from around $40 to some over 17k. I know, I was shocked to learn that people would really spend that much.

Who is this for?

people seem to think that these kinds of things are just for kids, and that is most certainly not true. Look at rc aircrafts those things are crazy hard to fly!! all those buttons and knobs just intimidates me, yet intrigues me as well…ill have to think on that…

Listen, Kids love technology, and to be able to fly something around and take pictures from a higher point of view is just amazing, no matter your age.

So get a small one for your kid and be sure to be in a safe place with nothing around you can break.

But they are so expensive!

Yes and no… as I’ve said there are some really cheap ones out there and there are more expensive ones out there. I think I have found a good starting one (for older kids and adults, I do not advise giving a young kid control over any medium or large drone, bad things can happen) so if you want you can check this one out.

Go ahead and give it a shot, then come back here and tell me how it went!

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