How I Made This Site, And How to Make Your Own

I Made this site with the help of a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

That site gave me all the tools and know how to make what you see, and they can help you too.

Start your own website, get out of that boring job.

The information is out there, now take that chance and put forth some effort!

So what is wealthy Affiliate anyway?

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that houses training courses and resources needed to build your website and gain traffic.

They have a live chat room, live discussion boards, videos on how you get started and what you should be doing, they basically hold your hand with making your very own website.

So you get all of this for Free?

Yes and no on this one… You see the first week you sign up and join you get to use all of the premium features, this includes all the benefits above. no matter what you keep your two free websites.

To become a premium member for the first month it will be around $19 if you sign up within your first week, every month after is a bit over $40.

Well, that seems like a lot for a darn website and tools!!

Well, it’s a business site and like i said if you follow all the steps there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to make your sites pay for themselves.

So I just make a simple site and money rolls in right?

I’m not gonna lie its a lot harder than that, you will need to learn about keywords, themes for your sites, social media, how to talk to your audience and not just at them, and so much more…but it’s all right here waiting for you.

It takes time and effort to make money but if you are really ready to step up and make a change in your life, become your own boss then come and join us and  take those steps in changing your life, and don’t be scared to ask questions, everyone here is here to help each other, after all we are all in the business of running a business!