How To Make Your Own Mead, The Drink Of The Gods!!

 Mead, The Drink Of The Gods!!

Mead is widely considered the ancestor of of most alcoholic beverages. To learn about the history of mead I would recommend checking out this site.

What is it?

Like wine making it can be simple or complex in the number of ingredients. Yes making mead is like making wine or beer except you use honey in the making, honey is the main ingredient. So basically mead is just honey wine, it can be sweet or dry depending on how you make it.

How Do I Get Started?

You can either go out and find the things to get started yourself or get a kit like this one, that has all you need to start, and then just buy more honey and other things you run out of. ( it also includes instructions and honey and well, everything you need for a first batch.)

How Long Does It Take?

The brewing process usually takes up to six months or more but there are some recipes that only take a month ( leave a comment or let me know and ill find the recipe)

Is It Just Honey, Water And Yeast?

It can be sure! That is basic needs for mead.

But as you can see you can include all kinds of fruits and herbs to flavor your mead, different honey will change the taste drastically by itself as well. You can put in oranges, pineapple, strawberry ect.. as well as lavender, cloves and so on.. It truly is up to you to find what you like best!

So go and grab a kit and get started!!

If you want more like this, recipes, have an idea for another hobby, or just want to tell me what you think just leave a comment!!!

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