How to Play Dungeons and Dragons

Today we shall be discussing one of my favorite hobbies. So get settled in your mom’s basement, grab some Cheetos and crack open a Mountain Dew!

D&D has come a long way in the last few years, it seems to be more and more socially acceptable and even has movies and streams! From Critical Role (which I would advise you to watch for free on youtube) to people’s own home games. All you need is a few friends and one person with an idea for a story.

what do I really need?

Ok yeah, you need some of the books. For the person that is running your campaign and creating the world in which the players play they are going to need a copy of The Dungeon Masters Guide

I would suggest everyone that is playing and even the DM or GM (Dungeon Master, or Game Master) pick up the Players Handbook. Now there is a basic set to get you started, but it comes with one premade adventure and premade characters and one set of dice.

This is a good way to go if you are really unsure about diving into the world of DND, but if you like tabletop rpgs you might as well go ahead and get the basic books. You can always grab a premade adventure to run if you don’t feel comfortable making up your own world and quests.

Is that all?

ok well, you will need a printer for character sheets, some pencils and a lot of Dice. Why a lot of dice? Well because first of all if you drop them you can loose them, if you have one of each die you will be out of luck, second not all dice roll the same.

That’s a lot of things just to play a simple game!!!

It may seem like it but this is just to get started, there is nothing better than sitting around a table with your best friends and having a good time. I can’t tell you how many funny stories I have and the memories I have made with this game. The possibilities of this game are completely endless. Within the rules you will find all you need, want a future steampunk game? Just check the rules!

I don’t want to play fantasy, I want some game where aliens are attacking earth! Just Check the rules! You can be anyone you want to be and live out any kind of fantasy you want! (although unless you are playing with just your significant other, I’d suggest nothing living out that fantasy)

So get your books and dice, set up a game with a few friends, look online for some videos of what’s going on and start playing!

If you have any good role playing stories let me know in the comments! Id love to trade some funny stories!

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  1. Awesome post! I’m excited to get started..what edition do you recommend?

    • I would suggest 5th edition, it’s by far the easiest for beginners, although I started with 3.5 and still love it.

  2. Good times will be had, this game opens up so many possibilities to explore!

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