How To Play The Drums Quietly, The Simple Solution, Electronic Drum Set!!

Who Is This For?

This is for just about anyone interested in drums, from the novice to the expert. For people who have always wanted to try playing but think it would be too noisy, this is for you!

While acoustic drums will always be my favorite and hold a special place in my heart there is one big problem…they are LOUD!! When you’re hitting the skin all your neighbors will hear you, that means they hear when you mess up too. unless you have a deep basement and live in the country then your gonna have to try and find a good time to practice without disturbing everyone.

Wait..These Are Fake Drums!!

Maybe in the traditional sense yes, if you feel comfortable with yours kills and letting everyone hear you every time you want to practice, by all means, get an acoustic set, they are a blast!

If you want to be able to practice and learn more without disturbing everyone around you then I’d highly suggest going electronic.

I bet they are more expensive though right?

No not at all, you can find sets from $300 to $1,000 like a normal drumset.

Though with an acoustic set you are free to add as many toms and cymbals as you want, im not sure about adding more devices to an electric drumset ( I really just dont know).

for example the pictures that you have been seeing so far are of this one which right now is under $300, however a bit more searching and you will come across this one which is..well out of my price range for sure..

So what I but a set and I’m all good to go?

Well you are also going to need drum sticks (And to figure out what kind you like, different sticks are used for different reasons..I used thicker sticks because I always broke mine..) a drum throne (its just a stool don’t get a big head), and I would really recommend looking for a place that has drum teachers or offers drum lessons, i took lessons from a jazz teacher even though I just wanted to play rock and metal, (listen to some jazz drummers..those guys have speed.)

All in all yes the start up is a bit pricey, but it will be worth it in the end. let me know what you guys like or don’t like in the comments, if there is a hobby you are interested in and want to learn more just say so!


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