Learn How To Play Paintball, Get started Now!

Paintball? What is it?

You can think of paintball as a real life fps game (First Person Shooter). You Put on some protective gear, grab some friends and a paintball gun and you are set!

Now there are many ways to play paintball, you could just have a group of friends out in the woods, you could go to a paintball field, there is outdoor paintball, indoor paintball, capture the flag, elimination… the list goes on and on.

What do I need?

Obviously you need some things to get started right? So what all do you need?

You need a paintball gun, a mask, maybe some chest protection, and paintballs.

This little package will give you most of the items you need to start out.

Now all thats missing is a bit of chest protection (otherwise you end up with welts all over..trust me on this)

And the ammo for your gun (the reason its called Paintball)

Now You Have the Stuff..

Now that you have the gear you need to find out what kind of game you are looking for, competitive, just among friends? this matters because the rules change with every game type.

For example lets look at elimination, You have two teams,  a field, some things in the middle to provide cover. The two teams start on oppisite sides and once the ref says GO the game begins. Its all about hitting the other team without getting hit yourself. Once you get hit once you are out.

Now there are game types that let you return to the starting area and after a brief time you “re spawn”

So check out more than one and find something you enjoy.

If you liked this than leave a comment and also let me know if there is something I missed or what else I should cover!!

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