Learn How to Sculpt

There are many ways to get those creative juices flowing and to get away from life’s problems. Some choose to draw, others go fishing, some read a nice novel, and some like the aspect of sculpting.


Sculpting is a way to make an imagine in your head almost attain reality. You are bringing your thoughts and pictures to life.

Yes, it’s nice to see a neat picture with amazing detail and know much its creator must care to put forth such an effort, but I feel like this goes twice as much for sculptors.  To be able to take something they see in their head and be able to turn that thought into an actual object, one you can touch and one which you can feel every detail they put in.

That sounds like a lot of time

Well..yeah..that’s the point of this site, isn’t it? You are coming here because you need something to do in your spare time or maybe find a craft to turn into a career.

how much does it cost to get into?

Honestly not that much. (depending on your income and what you think is “too much for a hobby”)

This beginners guide is less than $30.

Now all you need is a nice set of tools, and some clay to get started.

You can get all of this for less than $90

Once you understand the process and have the tools, all you will have to buy is the clay(unless you can find some by your house, which would be amazing!). It doesn’t even have to be expensive!

You can get some in 10lb blocks like this one or even a small package like this just to get started.

Let me know what you think in the comments, or if you have made something let me know1

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