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Leather working is an ancient art and practice of taking the tanned hide of an animal and making something out of it (Wallet, Purse, Gun holster). Normally leather is very firm so you have to moisten it in order to work with it. now looking at the picture above it looks like a lot of tools and looks kind of intimidating, but those tools are for different things. This set contains just about everything you need for your projects.  here is where you can get some leather to work with.

Is this an Expensive Hobby?

Its really not that expensive, all you need to pay for is the tools, and then leather, of course, better leather cost more but all in all, if you have the time this is a really neat thing to get into. Not to mention that if you get better over time and find a passion making leather products you could make some extra cash from selling your hand made products, then the leather will pay for itself!

What can you make?

Well, you could make a wallet.


Image result for leather working wallet

or maybe a bag

Image result for leather working bag

maybe a gun holster?

Image result for leather working gun holster

Why should I get into leather working?

you get to work with your hands, you get to make things you and other people can use, you get to embrace an art that has been around almost as long as humans have existed. I mean what else can I say?

If you wanna give it a shot then grab this kit to get started! You may also need some leather!

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