OK to start off, no it’s not illegal to learn..in most states, you can buy a set and practice at home. Now, this doesn’t mean once you learn the basics you are free to go off and start unlocking everything you see. (you should only pick the locks that you own). However, if you find you have a natural talent you could even get certified and make this nifty little hobby into a career!

In most the movies when you see someone pick a lock they pull out some small tools and pick the lock in under 5 seconds. Well..life isn’t a movie. Picking locks can be downright difficult and hard. The reason for the tools will become clear in a little bit, but for now, let’s talk about locks and how they work, and how you are going to overcome them.

How Safe Are Locks?

I know its easy to buy into the false sense of security. You think if you go to the store, buy a cheap lock and it will work like every other lock, right? It either has a key or a combination so you should be the only one able to unlock it right? This is true in a sense, but if someone wants on bad enough they will find a way. If someone really wanted into your house they could just forgo the lock and break a window. Now then what is the point of a lock then? The real point of a lock is a simple deterrent.


Most people doing petty crimes don’t want to hassle with locked doors, so if where they are trying to get into is locked…they shy away.

For example;¬†You go up to a door, try to turn the knob..locked..OK they must not want me in there, or..you go up to a door, unlocked..and you are free to take what you like so long as you don’t get caught. Believe it or not, a lot of people still don’t lock their doors at night or when they leave the house. Although I hope to be able to help you learn how to beat locks (for fun only!!) I want you to know the importance they serve.


What Do I Need?

Well, first you need a lock (please do not use your front door, this will cause stress on the pins over time), a pick and a torque wrench. (I will be adding where to get these things as well as a review shortly).


So what Now??

Now that you have what you need you will need to know what exactly you are supposed to do with your tools. There are plenty of guides and how-to’s online about how and what to do, but I will try my best to explain the basics (if this catches on I will even think about making a guide)

So the first step is to hold your lock (hopefully one that requires a key, if you have a combination lock these tools won’t do you any good.). With the lock in your hand (or in a vice) insert the torque wrench into the bottom so that the rest of the wrench is hanging on the right side, maneuver your hand so that you are able to place your thumb gently, and I mean almost not touching the wrench. Insert your desired pick into the keyway and push it to the back of the lock.

Now slowly pull it out of the lock while putting a bit of pressure on the inside pins, you should be able to feel and hear them drop back down. This will tell you how many pins are in the lock as well as how much force it take to push them up.

Once you have this information you are free to start picking. Now is the time to start to gently push the torque wrench with your thumb ever so gently while pushing the pins up with your pick, do this until you find one that refuses to go up. This is called a bind. the pin is bound within the lock, and with a bit more effort should be able to be set (locked above the sheer line). You may hear a click or even just feel a click, and should be able to put a little more torque on your wrench. Once all of the pins have been set you are free to rotate the wrench clockwise and the lock unlocked!!!

If this helped you at all or you have any ideas of what i should cover or add leave a comment!

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