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A lot of people don’t read like they used to. People are busy with their lives and don’t want to go out and buy a book to kill time, they would rather play a game, or watch a tv show, and there is nothing wrong with that. Reading is good for many reasons though, just like with all hobbies it gives you something to do in your valuable free time, it can take you out of this world and into another. Grab a Kindle and get started! Click here for more options!

E-books are fake and real books are better!

I’m just gonna go ahead and get this one out of the way first, though I agree that you can’t beat a real book if a device allows you to get and read multiple books without going out of your house and spending gas, I’m all for it. Yes there is nothing like the feel of a real book and actually turning pages but hey, at least with this no one can bend your corners.

I don’t have time to read.

Well, then why are you here? ( I’m joking) If you have time to surf the web then you have time to dive into a new world! You can learn a lot from reading, and more than just surfing the web.  You don’t have to read fantasy or murder mystery, or love stories, there are books on everything (Even on more hobbies!!!)

Doesn’t that cost a lot?

Not more than any other hobby you may be interested in. In fact, Click here and you can get a free trial and see how you like it.


As always if you have a suggestion for a hobby let me know in the comments, or tell me what you are reading right now!

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