Metal Detecting, Find Some Treasure!!!

Is This A Joke?

No, not at all!! we have all seen these things, we see people in movies walk around the beach with them and we know what they do. though if you dont let me give you a little break down.

A Metal Detector…well…detects metal..in the ground…that you then dig up and hope its some sort of jewelry and not a knife wanted in a murder case…

Do They Really Work?

Yes indeed they do! its not just a random beep or a bunch of nonsense, it sends signals into the earth and when it detects metal you hear it1 some show you what shape it may look like as well as how far down to dig.

How is This a Hobby?

Ok maybe you wont get rich with one of these things but thats not the point, you will be out side exploring and maybe finding some cool things on the way. Like I always say, a hobby is just a productive way to kill time!!

Can I Make Money With It?

If you are lucky then yeah you can, are the odds in your favor? No, not really.

The whole point is to get out side and walk around the beach, or even just a field, enjoy the nice weather and find some nifty little trinkets.

Wont I Look Weird?

Like ive said you have seen people use these things all the time!! If you still feel kind of on the fence you can have others join you. Take your family with you or just go with friends!! Just get outside and enjoy the sun!!

What do I Need?

That’s simple, you just need a Metal Detector!!

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!!

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