Miniature Painting, Here’s How to Get Started!

Miniature painting, this is something I have always wanted to do but have yet to find the time to start. Now this may showcase figures for Warhammer 40K or D&D but you could also apply this to model cars and other miniatures. I have found a basic set that will set you up with brushes, paint, and the figures to get started, as well as an instruction booklet. If that is all you want then click this to get started! For a bit more info, and maybe some tips and tricks ive picked up from the web, keep reading!

Ok ill bite, What makes this a hobby?

Well any art is a hobby really, and if you use your time to paint figures or minis for another game (Also another hobby) its like having two hobbies at once! Sure you can buy pre-painted minis for your games, or you could have your own custom painted ones. Instead of buying minis and just using them as is you can make each one unique. more on that in a bit.

Doesn’t painting minis take a lot of time?

Its painting so..yeah its gonna take a while. That is the point of a hobby though right? Taking some of your free time to create something or improve a skill. So instead of sitting there watching TV you could be building a Miniature Army!!!

But that sounds like it costs alot..

With every hobby you are going to have to invest in either alot of time, or alot of money, sometimes both, this isnt as expensive as other hobbies, unless you really are trying to build an army.. all you need is some paint, a few brushes, and your minis or figures and you are set. there are some other things people use that, if you are really into it you may pick up. Some people use a stand with a magnifying glass to get better detail, or even an air brush for different effects.

Lets say I pick this hobby up, what can I do with it?

Im glad you asked!

painting your own monsters, you could go with the normal colors or..change them and beef up the stats to make your own custom monster! High leveled players arnt scared of goblins huh? Well give your goblins a bit of red and black, add some ablities like..strength drain or negative levels..and it will be like seeing them right back at level one

..nuf said

What about those tips and tricks?

Ok so here is what i have found out after some digging,

1: Primer is a must

2: Alot of people use black primer

3: When starting out dilute your paint with water

4: Try and get it as thin as milk so it will pool up and not glob on your mini


If you feel like you want to give this hobby a shot then just click here!

As always if you have any ideas or stories just leave a comment!

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