Simply put Pyrography is the art of wood burning. I’m not talking about throwing wood into a fire either. There are sets you can buy that will enable you to turn normal pieces of wood into works of art!


This is something I personally love to do. Why? it is (fairly) simple to do, and it’s cost effective, plus it allows you to make¬†gifts¬†for Christmas or a birthday, anyone can buy a present but not everyone can burn a thoughtful image into a piece of wood.

Well great! It sounds simple!

Well, it is and it isnt..its not like just drawing on a piece of paper, there are lots of things to consider when wood burning, such as the type of wood, the heat of your tool, the time it takes, and the overall design you have in mind. ( I will be adding what I recommend starting out with soon)

I’m not going to lie, this hobby requires a skill set, it’s not a very demanding skill set but you need patience. not only for your tool to heat up but the simple act of burning lines into wood can take some time. you don’t want to always have the tool as hot as possible just to finish a project, you also have to think about shading the piece as well.

Over time I will be adding different types of wood to use, as well as tools and designs.

If you have made anything or have any idea of what I should cover feel free to leave a comment!


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